Hello Pi Phis!

Florida Alpha is turning 100!  Yes, the Florida Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi is having a CENTENNIAL celebration, to be held in DeLand, Florida January 25 – 27, 2013 to celebrate the 100th birthday of our chapter.  The chapter was chartered on the campus of Stetson University on January 31, 1913.


A fabulous celebration and reunion weekend has been planned and we’d like all of you to be a part of it! So tell your friends, grab your sisters and COME!

Please register for the event now! To register, please visit the Registration Information Tab (see above) and submit the form. Please make sure to register before the deadline, December 31, so you won’t miss out! Please check back often for updates or even better, subscribe to our site so that you will notified by email of any updates that are posted.


Hope to see all of you in January!

3 thoughts on “Hello Pi Phis!

  1. Some of us older Pi Phis are not as technologically sophisticated as assumed by this posting. I have been unable to find a listing of planned events, dates or times. Today, Jan. 4, is the first time that I was emailed a notice that registration was to have taken place by Dec. 31. I expected, after RSVP of “yes” right away, and being sure to be in Florida this month, that I would have no difficulty learning the details. Jean Donnelly Maclay ’58 initiate

  2. Jean, all you have to do is click on the light blue words at the top of the main page to take you to the details! We are extending the deadline so that more people can register for the event. Please register and please feel free to contact me (flalpha@aol.com) if you have more questions or problems with the site. Thank you! Kimberly Taylor

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